Executive Director's Message of the Week:  



Your dedication and commitment to your students and schools have been evident. Each of you have truly served well and gone over and beyond the call of duty. Even over the course of this month, I have witnessed how your leadership has been obvious. As a result of these last six months, we will be greater and stronger.


Tomorrow, we will have our first day of school. We will make history and open up our schools virtually. This is truly a paradigm shift. It is a happy day because we will welcome our kids back after so much time away from them. Our kids need us to connect to them. We always say that schools are the heart of the community. This is a time like no other that we must truly live this. I am challenging the Kimball cluster to ensure that we are the epitome of this statement. Let us ensure that we are that and even greater. Many of our kids are behind academically and now more than ever, they need us. We need to live up to our name. We said we would be unstoppable. Let us provide unstoppable instruction by supporting our teachers and ensuring that they provide rigorous high quality virtual instruction. Let us inspire excellence and foster the spirit of grit and tenacity. Through inspirational excellence, I would like to challenge Kimball cluster to be schools where parents receive supports for food, clothing, counseling, and jobs through community partnerships. I would like for us to nurture our community and students. We must motivate and encourage our students and teachers and will them to greatness! Excellence begins with you! We must focus on the magic of reading and ensure that our students are reading at or above grade level. This was the goal and vision that we created together. I challenge each of you to be the best you can be. Take care of yourselves and let's take care of those we have the honor to serve. WE ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY! It is our destiny and purpose. Let us serve with love and make a difference. Together Kimball Kingdom! FOR OUR KIDS!

Dr. Dayanna V. Kelly

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Inspiring Quotes:

 Great leaders may be found at the top of a mountain looking back upon their challenges, but the greatest of leaders are often found at the foot of that mountain still helping others reach that summit.”

Robert Clancy

“In times of adversity and change, we really discover who we are and what we’re made of.”



- Howard Schultz