The Kimball Elementary Cluster's Grit Commit

1. All leadership teams will utilize the GBF /TEI Waterfall to identify high leverage action steps and utilize the " see it, name it, do it protocol for providing feedback to improve the quality of instruction in our schools.


2. All schools will have evidence of the implementation of the power meetings.


3. All teachers will implement the I Do, We Do, You Do framework. During the cycle, teachers will ensure the following: a) think aloud b) ensure 2-3 highly aligned tasks with student voice implemented c) ensure a rigorous you do with AGMO. The look forward meeting will support the scripting of the I Do with the protocol followed. Teachers will plan the I do to ensure that the protocol is followed.


4. All writing teachers will have writing classrooms that exemplify evidence of the following:

a) writing portfolios with a history of the student’s essays from the planning stage

b) ensure writing resources that enhance the quality of student writing

c) evidence of teacher conferencing and high-quality feedback to students to improve their writing.

d) student utilization of writing rubrics and peer feedback utilizing the rubric

3) evidence of students knowing what a 1,2,3, and 4 paper looks like

4) evidence of Gretchen Bernabei's strategies (pitchforking and ba-da- bing).


5. All teachers will have evidence of AGMO during independent practice. The following must be evident: a) an AGMO coding system, b) identify laps c) ensure exemplar in hand d) ensure data form being utilized to ensure tracking of students d) evidence of corrective feedback to students ( small- groups on the skill from the independent practice as needed)


6.. All schools will have authentic student work posted with the SE and exemplar.


7. All schools will implement " THE GRIT CAMPAIGN" school wide creatively deemed by the principal as evidenced by the following:

a) GRIT evident school- wide through displays and staff exposure to research ( GRIT student incentive wall, GRIT bulletin boards, GRIT PD)

b) School- Wide Incentive System evident to foster student growth

c) System of Student Tiering for Interventions

d) System of Student Profiling and Students Identifying GRIT Goals ( STAAR Growth & Stretch Goals)

e) Student Mentor System and System of Principal/ Student Conferences



8) Principals will encourage teachers to attend SWAG.